ODDJOBS Enamel Spray Paint Gloss Black 250 Gram OJ014

Product Code: OJ014

Oddjobs GLOSS BLACK Spray Paint is an Enamel Spray Paint 250 Gram Aerosol Available in 38 Colours this includes top coat clear and a range of Different Primers .
Surface Preparation

Surfaces must be free of grease ,wax , dirt and rust ,sand all surfaces to remove contaminants and flaking paint then dust off.Prime all bare timber and metal surfaces with odd jobs grey primer ,allow to dry then sand the primer surface lightly to level off .

Adjust the Spray Pattern

The fan jet may be adjusted for horizontal or vertical spraying by lifting off the complete head and turning the jet to the horizontal or vertical position ,replace head before spraying.

Spray Application

Shake the can thoroughly for 1 Minute or until the ball rattles inside the can .Hold the can approximately 30cm from the surface and apply one mist coat by spraying in continuous motion across the surface and working downwards .Allow 30 Seconds for solvents to flash off.Then Apply additional 2 coats in the same manner .If higher film thickness is desired apply additional light coats and allowing adequate drying between coats .Re coat after 1 Hour .

After Use , turn the can upside down and spray until clean gas is expelled.

Clean Up

Clean adjacent areas and over spray with mineral turpentine or general Purpose thinners.

Note :This paint is comparable with most other paint surfaces ,however when applying over previously painted surfaces test for adhesion by applying on a small area first .

Caution Highly Flammable

Do not use near fire or flame .Do Not incinerate or puncture this can even when empty.Keep the can in a cool place out of the sun .Do Not store above 50 Degrees Centigrade ,Keep Spray away from eyes and never keep a can inside of a car.


If swallowed seek medical advice immediately or call Poisons Information Centre on 131126


Intentional misuse by deliberately concentrating and inhaling contents can be harmful or fatal .

Please dispose of Empty can in a Recyclable Manner

12 per Carton

1440 Per Pallet

Barcode 9315363002730



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